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Grand Lake board OKs elementary school transfer

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 2:37pm
After months of discussion the transfer of the Grand Lake Elementary School was approved by the Grand Lake Board of Trustees on Monday night.The GLES has been a topic of serious discussion in the Grand Lake community for some time, but Monday night the Board of Trustees took the plunge. The school became vacant after the East Grand School District (EGSD) Board of Education voted to close the facility in 2011.Grand Lake Town Manager Jim White explained the Board voted 6-1 to approve the transfer. In their motion approving the transfer the Board also approved the creation of a committee …

Munro — Public transportation: Can Grand County get there from here?

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 2:29pm
Cartoonist Rob Pudim is onto something with this week’s offering. When people start talking about public transportation in Grand County, serious consideration almost always gets “high centered” as soon as the funding issue is broached.Every effort ought to be made to prevent that from happening as this new transportation planning process is undertaken.I suggest this because I can think of only one thing that might do more to enhance the livability and, perhaps, the economy, of Grand County than a decent public transportation system. The “other thing” is an institution of higher learning, which is another matter altogether.Having witnessed firsthand …

Photo: Lake Granby ice-out

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 1:49pm

Library District stages 12th Annual Book Float Competition

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 12:45pm
The Grand County Library District is holding its 12th annual Book Float Contest. This popular activity for elementary age children uses imagination and creativity as children craft a miniature display based on the theme of a favorite book.“The range and creativity is always so exciting to see” says Emily Pedersen, branch manager in Kremmling. “The kids really express their love of reading and books in this project. The competition is so intriguing that we often have adults wanting to join in.”The rules are simple. Decorate a shoe box (or other box of similar size) with a scene based on a …

'The Children's Crusade': A Heavily Plotted Family Saga To Dive Into And Savor

NPR Books - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 12:24pm

Ann Packer's latest is about a young Navy doctor who, after the Korean War, builds a house south of San Francisco. Fifty years later, his four adult children argue over the property.

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WPCS students stage ‘Canterbury Tales’

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 11:49am
Classic literature and history come to life as students from Winter Park Christian School perform Six Canterbury Tales adapted from Chaucer’s famous work. “The school’s Humanities program follows a chronological four-year cycle through history,” said Dina Osborne, Humanities teacher and drama director. Students begin by studying Antiquity, then Christendom, American Culture and Modernity. Students explore each year’s historical period in many different ways: projects, literature, educational travel, and — in this case — drama.Right now, they are looking into history from the Christendom Era, which coincides with Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. There are eight students grades 9-12 participating in this upcoming …

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, April 5-11, 2015

Local News - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 11:33am
Grand County transactions, April 5-11Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision Lot 66 – Bank New York Mellon, Bank New York TSTE, CWABS Inc Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-B to Loren and Adela Sadler, $170,000Moraine Park Lot 29, Block 3 – US Bank Trust NA TSTE, LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Scott Jerke, $118,000Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 19, Unit 6 – Eric and Catherine Belaski to Amy Buckingham, $217,500Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 107, Bldg F, Garage Unit 65 – Sally Conger to Nancy Ronalter, $122,500Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs Block 1, Lots 16,17,18,19 – Nelilie Tibbs, Neilie Goodwin to Relo Direct Inc, …

Bookends: Are Grand Historical Events Better Fodder for Fiction Than Everyday Life?

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 8:25am
Thomas Mallon and Francine Prose discuss Wilfrid Sheed’s statement that “A weekend is a much bigger character than Watergate.”

'Cold Silver' Drags Epic Fantasy Through The Mud, Wonderfully

NPR Books - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 8:15am

Alex Marshall (a pseudonym for an established author taking an epic new path) creates a memorable heroine in Cobalt Zosia, a retired general who's drawn back into blood and struggle against her will.

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'Gutshot' Is Gloriously Grand Guignol

NPR Books - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 5:03am

Amelia Gray's new story collection is brimming with gore, guts, madness and deviance. Reviewer Colin Dwyer says Gray is reclaiming a place in literature for our bloody, clumsy, inconvenient bodies.

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‘The Fishermen,’ by Chigozie Obioma

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 3:30am
Guilt and suspicion infect the lives of four carefree brothers in this debut novel.

‘Between You & Me,’ by Mary Norris

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 3:30am
A language guide and memoir about life at The New Yorker.

‘The World Before Us,’ by Aislinn Hunter

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 3:30am
Penelope Lively reviews Aislinn Hunter’s novel, about an archivist who explores a disappearance in Victorian Yorkshire.

Revisiting The Night Abraham Lincoln Was Shot 150 Years Ago

NPR Books - Tue, 04/14/2015 - 3:01am

On this day in 1865, John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln. Renee Montagne talks to author James Swanson at Ford's Theatre. (This piece initially aired on Feb. 12, 2009 on Morning Edition).

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Take It From David Brooks: Career Success 'Doesn't Make You Happy'

NPR Books - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 3:40pm

The New York Times columnist wrote The Road to Character after seeing the gratitude for life of people who tutor immigrants. He thought, "I've achieved career success ... but I haven't achieved that."

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ArtsBeat: Patti Smith to Publish Another Memoir, ‘M Train,’ in October

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 2:19pm
Ms. Smith called the new book “a roadmap to my life,” tracking the rock poet through travels around the world.

ArtsBeat: Looking Back at Günter Grass’s Life and Work

New York Times Sunday Book Review - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 12:49pm
Reviews of Mr. Grass’s work and more about the author from The Times archives.

How Young People Went Underground During The '70s 'Days Of Rage'

NPR Books - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 11:46am

Bryan Burrough's new book describes the Weather Underground and other militant groups' tactics to protest the government. He interviews former radicals who had never gone on the record before.

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Günter Grass, Who Confronted Germany's Past As Well As His Own, Dies At 87

NPR Books - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 5:30am

In 2006, the Nobel prize-winning author of The Tin Drum admitted that as a teen during World War II, he had served with the Waffen-SS — the combat unit of the Nazi Party's elite military police force.

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Günter Grass, Nobel-Winning Author Of 'The Tin Drum,' Dies At 87

NPR Books - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 5:08am

Grass was one of Germany's leading intellectuals after World War II, but admitted in 2006 that he had served in the Waffen SS. News of his death was announced by his publisher.

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