What is OverDrive?

OverDrive is a leading distributer of eBooks, eAudiobooks and other digital content. Most libraries rely on OverDrive to host their entire e-collection. GCLD’s OverDrive collection can be found online at http://marmot.lib.overdrive.com or through the OverDrive Media Console mobile app.


How do I transfer EPUBs to supported eBook devices?

To transfer Adobe eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions…

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Click on the Adobe eBook you want to transfer.
  • Drag the Adobe eBook to the eBook device icon in the left pane of Adobe Digital Editions.
  • The 'Copy Documents' dialog box is displayed and the title is transferred.
  • When transfer is complete the 'Copy Documents' dialog box closes. You can now disconnect the eBook device and enjoy the eBook on-the-go.

Note that to transfer Adobe eBooks to a supported eBook device, Adobe Digital Editions and the eBook device must be activated using the same Adobe ID.


How can I tell what Adobe ID I registered my device to?

On your computer, open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). At the top click on the dropdown arrow next to the word LIBRARY. Click on AUTHORIZE COMPUTER. If your computer has been authorized it will tell you what email address (Adobe ID) it was authorized to.

On any mobile device where the Overdrive App was downloaded, open the Overdrive App. At the top right, click on Get Books +. Then click on Settings at the bottom of the screen. If you have authorized your device, it will tell you what email address (Adobe ID) it was authorized to.


What is an Adobe EPUB book?

An Adobe EPUB eBook is a digital version of a print book that has been optimized for on-screen reading. The text in an EPUB eBook is reflowable, which means that you can change the font, resize the text, or alter the size of your display, and the text will rewrap itself to fit the available viewing area. Adobe EPUB eBooks also support embedded content, allowing, for instance, a Flash video to be embedded within an eBook.  Adobe Digital Editions must be installed and activated to download and read EPUB eBooks on your computer. If you want to download and read EPUBs on a mobile device, you must install the OverDrive Media Console app and authorize your device with a free Adobe ID.


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