KINDLE: Why can't I deliver my Kindle book directly to my device?

There are several reasons that you may not be able to deliver your Kindle book directly to your device.

  1. Your device hasn't been registered with your Amazon ID.
  2. Your device does not have Wi-Fi capabilities (3G requires a USB connection to your computer).
  3. You have chosen a Kindle book from Penguin Group publishers (Penguin Group prohibits wireless transfer from Amazon.com to your device.)

 Get help transferring content to your Kindle via USB.

ADE: How do I activate a supported eBook device using an Adobe ID?

To activate an eBook device using an Adobe ID…

  • Connect the eBook device to your computer.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Adobe Digital Editions launches and detects the eBook device. The 'Device Setup Assistant' dialog box is displayed.
  • Click 'Authorize Device'.
  • Adobe Digital Editions activates the eBook device. You can now transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.

Note that both Adobe Digital Editions and the eBook device must be activated with the same Adobe ID to transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.



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