Office Services

What business services do the libraries offer?

Each library is equipped with a fax machine, printer(s) computers for public use and FREE wireless internet. 

  • Black & white copies or prints : $.10 per side
  • Color copies or prints: $1.00 per side
    Deduct $.05 for bringing own paper.
  • Send fax:  Cover page free, $0.50 per page after cover
  • Receive fax: $0.10 per page
    We do not send faxes internationally.
  • Scan: Free


How do I print from my laptop at the library?

You can only print from your laptop while in the Fraser Valley Library, Granby Library, or Juniper Library @ Grand Lake. Download the correct auto-installer for your location (see link below). After the auto-installer completes, a Print Client will open on your machine.  When you are finished and press close or shutdown your computer, the application will disappear.

Watch a video on how to install the Print Client onto your WIndows laptop.

Watch a video on how to install the Print Client onto your Mac laptop.

I get a Norton Antivirus error when trying to print using wireless in the library.

Some laptop owners receive an error when trying to print over the wireless network. Norton Antivirus pops up and says that the PrintClient was determined to be a threat. The solution is to temporarily disable Norton Antivirus.

  • Right-click the Norton Antivirus tray icon on the lower right by the clock (you may have to click the arrow to see more icons).
  • Select "Disable Antivirus...."
  • Choose a length of time (15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.)
  • Proceed to download the print client

Watch a video on how to temporarily disable Norton AntiVirus.

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