Just GCLD IT! Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the All Staff Training
GCLD Website Scavenger Hunt

To successfully complete this scavenger hunt you must run around the GCLD website and collect the correct answers to ten questions.

When you get to the page that has the answer, write it down. You may also "print" this page by using the print (icon) option at the bottom of this page.


On with the hunt! Remember, the point of the exercise is to use our website!


  1. You are helping a customer select their next (fiction) title, but the customer is very chatty and is taking time away from others waiting for your help. There is a site called "Bookbrowse" that you know is listed on the GCLD website which may help this patron with their search. How did you get to this site and what is the URL?
  2. A new customer needs some help understanding basic library terms. Where would you give them a short list to help them with library definitions? How did you get there? Now, look up the Dewey Decimal Classification and give the definition as it is listed here.
  3. The customer you helped last week would like to donate $2,500. You decide that the Grand County Library Foundation is the correct place to direct them. How would you get to this information from the GCLD website? What is the process if they would like to "gift stock" instead of cash?
  4. A teacher has asked for information about a resource "where they can get free downloadable ebooks". The teacher says someone at your branch previously gave them the information but they can't remember it now. Where would you find this information? What is the name of the resource? Is there more than one?
  5. Sign up for an e-newsletter offered by Bookletters using your GCLD e-mail account. Write down the name of the newsletter.
  6. A parent asks you for a print-out of the GCLD programs for the week of February 21, 2011. Our printer is temporarily out of order so you e-mail them the link from the calendar page (send it to yourself, now). NOTE: you can open a new browser and logout to accomplish this task).
  7. A library trustee forgot where the next board meeting is and what time it starts. And, they need a copy of last month's board meeting minutes. Find this information for them. How would you direct them to the information so they can do it themselves in the future?
  8. Find YOUR branch location and proof-read the details for accuracy. Post any corrections via the add new comment link at the bottom of the (scavenger hunt) page.
  9. Describe the steps in helping a book club search the catalog for the title, "Into the Forest". The author's last name begins with an "H". Describe the steps you took to find this title. What helped you with this search?
  10. The GCLD website is not just for customers, it is for staff too. Where can you find a link to NetTime and NetFacilities?

Be prepared to discuss your scavenger hunting with suggestions and comments regarding wayfinding the GCLD website! Since we will most likely run out of time, the best way to do this is to add new comment via the link at the bottom of this page. That way, we have a record of what staff would like changed / added / taken out etc...Thanks!