SONY: How do I use the library's Sony E-reader?

Using the Sony eBook Reader—The Basics

For all actions, press buttons firmly and wait a few seconds for the device to respond. It will not respond instantaneously.
  1. To turn on the device, slide the oval power button (located on the top of the device) to the right. It will slide back to the left by itself. To turn it off, slide it to the right again.
  2. Press the home button (icon of a house) to return to the home menu.
  3. The back button (curled arrow pointing left) returns to the previous menu screen.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to turn pages in a book or to highlight a selection.
  5. Use the enter button (the circle inside of the arrow buttons) to make a selection.
  6. Selections can also be made by pressing the number button adjacent to the menu choice on the screen.
  7. The battery indicator is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Four black blocks show a fully charged device. Black blocks will disappear as the device loses charge.
  8. To recharge the battery, plug the yellow end of the AC adapter into the circular yellow hole in the bottom of the device. The prongs plug into an AC outlet. A lightning bolt beside the battery indicator will show a charging device. You may still use the device while it is charging.
Reading a book on this device:
You can browse available books a number of ways. Press the home button, then choose to browse by title, author, or date downloaded to the device. Use the arrow buttons to move through selections. Press the enter button on a highlighted selection to choose a book, or press the corresponding number button.
  1. To start reading from the beginning of a book, select begin (number 2). This will take you to the title page.
  2. Turn pages by pressing the right and left arrow buttons. You can track your progress within a book by looking at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Increase font size by pressing the magnifying glass button. You can cycle through three sizes.
  4. To bookmark a page, press the bookmark button (it looks like an open book with the right page dog-eared). The page you have selected will show a dog-ear in the top right-hand corner. Press the button again while on a bookmarked page to remove a bookmark.
  5. To jump to a chosen page, type in the page number using the number buttons then press the enter button.