The Library District

Our Mission:
To create exceptional libraries which provide convenient and universal access to quality information resources while committed to the highest ideals of library service for personal lifelong enrichment and inclusive community involvement

Our Values:
Convenient, universal and ever-improving access to quality information resources for all of the communities we serve, knowledgeable and responsive customer service, careful stewardship of the fiscal, physical, and information resources for which we have been given responsibility

Our Vision for Success:
To be the Peak of Excellence in Mountain Libraries, spanning the Divide 

How is the library funded?
In 1994, voters approved a 2.41 mill levy to establish the library district. The library district experienced growth in revenues for 15+ years.  However, based on the county’s 2011 property assessment, the district experienced a 17% loss of revenues in 2012 and 2013.  In response to the reduction in revenues, the district restructured, streamlined systems and processes, made reductions in staff, open hours, materials and online resources. The library district experienced an additional 13% reduction in revenues in 2014 and another 2.5% decline in 2015, making a total 32.5% reduction in operating revenue since 2011. 

2016 Proposed Budget:
The approved 2016 Budget (see attachment below) of approximately $2.15 million will support library services and open hours at the 2015 level for the coming year.  The anticipated 1% reduction in 2016 property tax revenues will be offset by drawing from GCLD reserves.

2016 Approved Budget94.22 KB
2015 Approved Supplemental Budget282.56 KB
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