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Learn with your Library Card

Learning new skills may seem like a distant goal for many of Grand County’s residents. Educational institutions are far away, course costs are high, and the greatest obstacle of all can be finding time to sit down and study.


Many of the barriers to continuing your education can disappear with one free tool: your Grand County library card. All county library cardholders have access to an online suite of classes from Lynda.com, a LinkedIn company. Over 6,000 courses are offered, many of them with a technology focus. Topics range from specific software applications like Excel, Salesforce, and Photoshop to workforce skills like “Project Management” or “Communicating within Teams.”

To access Lynda, go to www.gcld.org and click on “Ebooks & Learning Tools.” Click on the Lynda.com link to set up your online profile with your library card number and a password. Once logged in, you can search for classes by keyword, or you can pursue a specific learning path like “Become a Small Business Owner” or “Become a Certified CAD Designer.” The time required for each course is listed (such as 25 hours), and most individual classes are videos that take fifteen minutes or less to complete. So the learning can fit into your busy schedule, any time of day or night.

Lynda.com is free to library cardholders, but the Library District pays for an annual subscription. Thanks to grant from the Colorado State Library, Lynda.com will continue to be offered through 2018. The grant, awarded September, is to increase access to educational materials.

Learning never stops, even after school is over. Public Libraries keep lifelong learners connected to every kind of learning tool—print, visual, auditory, and online. Pursue a passion or brush up on skills that will make your boss take notice. New knowledge awaits—all you need is your library card.