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A Conversation With Author Pam Houston

Grand County Community of Writers
A Grand County Library Foundation event


March 1, 2019

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Headwaters Center

Winter Park


Cost of tickets $15.00


Available at Grand Mountain Banks in: Granby, Grand Lake and Fraser.

Signed copies of her book at the event $29.95 (Cash or check only).


Pam Houston is the author of the short story collection “Cowboys Are My Weakness” and many other works of fiction and essays. Her latest memoir “Deep Creek Finding Hope in the High Country” has just hit the book stores and is receiving favorable reviews.

Samantha Dunn will be interviewing Pam Houston.

Reviews of “Deep Creek” include:

“…good writing can make you envious, no matter how foreign the terrain. Other times, you read a good memoir and find yourself wanting to track down the author and become friends. A third kind of book is so insightful and evocative, you shelve it beside other favorite and instructive titles. “Deep Creek” might just do all three.”
-Nathan Deuel for the L.A. Times

“Pam Houston is in possession of a deep, heart-achingly beautiful love for her own personal piece of earth. And as equally deep is her ability for hope. In a time where the world is either drowning, or burning, or being drilled-into, Houston’s outlook promises a better tomorrow – even if that means we’re no longer here.”
-Sara Cutaia for the Chicago Review of Books

"Deep Creek is a love letter to earth, animals, and the best of humanity. Pam Houston has taken our heartache and woven it back into hope. Her stories of love, loss, and a life lived in a relationship to land give us good reasons not to give up on ourselves or each other. This is the book we need right now to remind us how to endure--passionately. An unstoppable heart song." -Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Misfit's Manifesto


Martin J. Smith author of Mr. Las Vegas Had A Bad Knee writes of Pam Houston, “Houston’s new memoir, Deep Creek, is SO Colorado—the story of her decision 25 years ago to buy a 120-acre ranch at 9,000 feet in Creede, Colorado, that she clearly could not afford, and her ongoing commitment to that piece of land. The book has touched a nerve all over the country.  The Grand County Community of Writers is lucky to snag her for an entire weekend during her book tour, including a March 1 on-stage interview with fellow writer Sam Dunn at the Headwaters Center ($15 per ticket, available through Grand Mountain Bank branches), and a local radio interview. I have known Samantha Dunn from my many years in Southern California; she’s an extraordinary memoirist and novelist in her own right, so their on-stage conversation should be memorable.”


The Grand County Community of Writers, was officially launched in September 2017, and spotlights the thriving community of writers and readers we have in Grand County. We have been staging panel discussions, craft talks, and author events for nearly two years now, and have more coming in the spring and fall of 2019. GCCoW has also created a monthly critique group for local writers, helping them develop the skills they need to tell compelling stories, especially about Grand County.