Measure 1B Has Passed - Thank You For Your Support!

The Grand County Library District would like to thank the residents of Grand County for their continued support as we link people to boundless opportunities.

"Mountain Libraries Elevate Minds!"

Cathy Rapp at the Fraser Valley Library, Nov-Dec 2016

"I began devoting my time and effort to developing my skills in photography once I reached a point in my life where I was free to choose how I wanted to spend my time. That time occurred upon my retirement after fifteen years as a middle school special education teacher and ten years as a middle school assistant principal/athletic director.  My retirement lasted ten days. It was then that I started my business, Red Fleece Studios.

Election Season is Here! Information for Grand County Voters

Parties, candidates, voters, and election geeks:

Below is a link to the County Election page.  As you will see, there is some great information such as:

  1. Link to Blue Books
  2. County TABOR notice
  3. Sample Ballots
  4. Information regarding picking up ballots instead of waiting for mail
  5. Drop box locations.

Provided by the Grand County Clerk and Recorder