Explore all that Universal Class has to offer!

(Grand County, CO) — (1/1/2022) — Free to all GCLD patrons is a diverse list of online resources, including the multifaceted Universal Class. Simply using your GCLD library card to login, you have over 500 courses that can help you achieve your 2022 goal(s). Whether you are determined to enhance your writing skills, make your own soap, develop interesting lesson plans for any subject, file your taxes, interpret your dreams, learn Excel, or train your dog, this is a one stop shop for you.  

Musical Instruments and Free Ukulele Lessons! 

Grand County Library District (GCLD) Offers  
Musical Instruments and Free Ukulele Lessons! 
By Lindsey Windler (Operations Manger for Grand County Glues Society) 


Check-out snowshoes this winter!

Come this December, each GCLD branch will have snowshoes that patrons can check-out for a week!

Redfeather Snowshoes, made in the USA, have been ordered to help our patrons enjoy the wonders of Grand County winters.

Six sizes will be available, the smallest size is 17" and is recommended for those weighing up to 75 pounds and the largest size is 35/36" and is suitable for over 220 pounds.