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Love Your Library Month

Love Your Libraries 
Polly Gallagher, executive director of GCLD 

Libraries connect. Grand County Library District (GCLD) is a place in the community where people gather, innovate, play, and learn.  

February is “Love Your Library” month. GCLD is a valued resource in our community both now and in the future. Grand County Library District patrons demonstrate this value through use of our community libraries’ programs and resources, as well as through generous financial support of our libraries.  

“In 2017, the Board of Trustees was looking at a bleak future, financially, for the five libraries in Grand County. Cuts were made to staffing, hours and services to patrons. But, with optimism, Stephanie Ralph, Ann Douden, and Mary Chance successfully campaigned for a sunsetting mil levy that would pay off the debt service in ten years,” comments Sally Leclair, GCLD Board President. “Voila! the community support and value for libraries made this a reality in 2023. I extend much appreciation to staff, patrons, and communities for their generosity and steadfastness.” 

On January 31, 2023, Grand County Library District officially paid off all debt on the Granby and Juniper libraries. Due to increased property values and generous donations, this payoff happened fifteen years earlier than initially planned and provides a savings of more than $1.4 million in interest and fees.  

And what next steps are we taking? 

Grand County Library District is focused on providing the community with desired services and resources through ethical and prudent financial decision-making. Sustainable plans are in place to ensure staff are not only fairly compensated in current markets for services performed but also opportunity to expand their knowledge and innovation through professional development. Funds are also allocated for capital projects both for our facilities and technology.  

As we move forward, our goal is to continue considering access and ensuring that our welcoming libraries are open and available for everyone. Additionally, as more people are checking out online resources (December was the first post-pandemic month that online resource use surpassed physical use), visiting our libraries, and participating in the many programs offered, it's time to re-examine the wants and needs of our community.   
GCLD looks forward to continuing on its path to inform, engage, illuminate, and help people of all ages explore the world and delve into their passions.