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Sign Up for Text Message Alerts

Did you know you can renew library materials and get information about your books on hold via text message? Through the Marmot Library Network, the Grand County Library District is happy to provide a text messaging service for our patrons called Shoutbomb. There is no charge for this service, but your cell phone text messaging rates still apply. Read on to get set up, as well as learn the basic commands.

What You Need

  • A text messaging capable phone. You do not need a smart phone.
  • Subscription to a text messaging plan with your wireless carrier.
  • Phone must be able to send a text message to an email address.
  • Your barcode number from your library card.

Signing Up

  • Text SIGNUP to: 970-620-9150 (To receive your messages in Spanish, use REGISTRESE instead of SIGNUP.)
  • Enter your library card number (full number with no spaces, e.g. 29948xxxxxxx).
  • Enter your email address (optional).

That's it! You will now receive text message alerts related to your library materials.

Learn more about all the features of our text messaging service.