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Take & Make Kits

Libraries aren’t an archive of books.  Instead, libraries are a place to meet, a place to collaborate, a place to explore.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Grand County Library District has had to limit the concept of place so we’re putting together kits highlight Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math/Music (STEAM) for you to take home and try yourself. Geared for all ages, each month a different kit with suggested related library resources are available for pick up from our branches.  Some contain challenges, some require building, and all are opportunities to get creative.

Do you have a child homeschooling or participating in online school? Starting October 12, Grand County Library District has kits complete with hands-on manipulatives and recommended books to help engage our K-12 learners. Different kits are available at different libraries so check the online catalog for more information.

Why should a library focus on STEAM?

Libraries and librarians are facilitators of STEAM exploration.  Libraries are just one piece of the learners ecosystem.  However, libraries are an important piece.  Having the capability to provide resources for members of our community to try, libraries are nonjudgmental places. The informal atmosphere of a library allows for failure leading to success.