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History, lesson plans, recipes, maps, travel tips....

Grand County Library District is proud to host A to Z Databases by World Trade Press. Known for accurate, up-to-date, high-quality, comprehensive media for students, educators (check out the lesson plans), travelers, and life long learners, A to Z Databases are stars in the world of online resources.

Found on gcld.org under the EBOOKS & LEARNING TOOLS tab, these databases can help you find the perfect recipe for any occasion, travel tips to 174 countries, global historic timelines, and so much more. Explore one or all six of the databases!

Here is a brief summary of what treasures can be found under each database:

A to Z Food America (Hungry to learn about American cuisine?): Perfect for so many patrons! 7,000 recipes, historic what did they eat articles, culture, 650 ingredient articles, vintage food labels, cooking videos; search by state, region, history, ethnic group, ingredients, holidays and more. This is the world's largest database of American food, culture, and recipes. This database offers to translate the articles in over 100 languages.

A to Z the USA (Get to know America the Beautiful): A large-scale encyclopedia of US state and country information. State information is arranged into 103 editorial and image datasets for each state, including Famous Native Americans, a Native American Timeline, and various immigrant timelines. Topics include history, geography, demographics, education, food and recipes, government, crime, maps, biographies, media outlets, symbols, sports, crossword puzzles, lyrics to the national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" and so much more. Perfect for students, teachers, and the curious!

A to Z World Food (Hungry to learn about international cuisine?): The world’s largest and most comprehensive database of food and food culture for 174 countries. This proprietary database includes 884 food culture articles, 6,500 traditional recipes, 650 ingredient articles, historical timelines, glossaries, and 2,000 food quotes. Lavishly illustrated with 14,000 photos. This database offers to translate the articles in over 100 languages.

A to Z World Travel (Where do you want to go today?): A comprehensive travel guide with practical information for travelers and students! Learn about the world with over 200 world city travel guides. These beautifully illustrated and up-to-date guides cover travel essentials, attractions, insiders’ information, excursions, nightlife, shopping, culture, cuisine, health, security, language, maps, and lots more.

A to Z World Culture (Your passport to understanding): History, culture, foods, religions, languages, travel, holidays, money for 174 countries! Other topics include greetings, courtesies, gift giving, superstitions and folklore, media, women in culture and business, sports, stereotypes, flags, economy, demographics, teaching tools AND lesson plans!

A to Z Maps Online (The world at your fingertips): A collection of 145,000 royalty-free maps that students and library patrons can download and print. Map types include world, country, state, political, physical, outline, environmental, scientific, and antique maps. Also included are visual glossaries, geography games, extensive flag images, and teaching tools.