Learn about your family tree with MyHeritage

MyHeritage Library Edition is one of the largest, most internationally diverse genealogy databases. It includes billions of historical documents from over 48 countries, millions of historical photos, public records, indexes and additional resources. Users can access My Heritage Library Edition either at their local library or in the comfort of their own home.

Start making your family tree, research, or just explore MyHeritage Library Edition today.

Britannica Online Public Library Edition

Britannica Library is an award winning online learning resource. This safe, up-to-date encyclopedic resource contains comprehensive information for all ages, and provides three different reading levels, Children, Young Adults, and Adults. The three interfaces allow library patrons of all abilities to access comprehensive and interactive e-learning information.

A variety of resources that support research projects while reinforcing curriculum standards: 

Ready! For Kindergarten

A child’s learning begins at birth. The first five years are crucial as children are either sleeping or learning.

Thanks to a partnership with Grand Beginnings, young children and their caregivers can play and learn at the Library. Each kit contains songs, activities, and toys appropriate for children aged 0-5. Information in the kits also includes suggestions and strategies that promote a child’s growth and prepare them to school.