The Grand County Library District



Our Mission:

Grand County Libraries: linking people to boundless opportunities.

Our Motto:

Mountain Libraries Elevate Minds

Our Purpose:

  • A library is an asset for individuals and the community to connect with information and ideas.
  • A library is a trusted source for enrichment and information literacy.
  • A library is a space for all people to connect, to share, to explore ideas, and to stimulate discovery.

How is the library funded?

In 1994, voters approved a 2.41 mill levy to establish Grand County Library District.  The library district has experienced declining revenues since 2011 with property values declining county wide.  Based on the 2016 assessment being down another 3% from 2015, the district continues to streamline processes, further reduce spending, and set reserve limits all for the goal of achieving a balanced budget.  In November, voters approved at .95 addition to the 2.41 mill levy to increase the total mill levy to 3.36 in an effort to reduce district debt by paying off the certificates of participation ten years early.  The increase of .95 to the mill levy will expire in 2026 and the 2.41 mill levy will remain for operations.

2021 Budget:

The Board of Trustees of the Grand County Library District (“the District”) in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Budget Law hereby submits the following budget message with the accompanying 2021 budget.

The District’s 2021 budget marks the 27th year of operation as a Special District. Our operations continue to provide the best possible library services for residents and visitors within the District’s boundaries (Grand County), consistent with available resources and the GCLD Mission Statement, Grand County Libraries: linking people to boundless opportunities. Our library services include: loaning of materials, reference information service, public computer and wireless access service, youth and adult programming, community room use, and remote catalog access—all free of charge.

Our primary source of revenue continues to be property taxes generated by the District’s voter-approved mill levy of 3.36.

The District’s 2021 budget was prepared based on the modified accrual budgetary basis of accounting. The District’s revenues are recognized when they become measurable and available as net current assets. Taxpayer-assessed income is considered “measurable” when in the hands of the intermediary collecting government and is recognized as revenue at that time.

Some of the District’s 2021 budget highlights:

  • The district’s assessed valuation increased 1.89% over 2019, which marks the third year in a row recording growth.
  • Revenues are budgeted $50,000 more than 2020 due to the property value increase county wide. However, due to October’s East Troublesome Fire property prorations occurred, thus reducing the total assessed value.
  • Friends of Grand County Library District have made a budget commitment of $10,500 in support of the district’s Summer Reading Program.
  • Grand County Library Foundation has continued operational expenses of $8,125. No funds budgeted to be transferred to the District’s operating fund.
  • The budget allows for an 8% increase to personnel for implementation of a peer reviewed salary schedule, 1 FTE branch staff capacity, and benefit cost increases. Removal of substitute line item to be captured within salaries and wages, reflecting the professional nature of staff.
  • Additional funds are allocated in collections, online resources, technology, expanding services offered on varying platforms.
  • Additional funds are allocated in facilities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for increased building sanitation and supplies.
  • Capital projects are budgeted for $42,800 covering several building projects. • Debt repayment is $626,300, both paying the bonds due and calling additional principal.
  • This budget reflects the Community Needs Assessment results and the ongoing support of the Strategic Plan. Staffing capacity, online resources of various interests and platforms, and support of a “library without walls” concept.

Being flexible and adaptable in 2021 with regards to public spaces and staff safety is a top priority.

Overall, the Grand County Library District has a 2021 budget that is 6% greater than the 2020 appropriated operating expenses, 16% greater, or an increase of $116,488 compared to estimated actuals for 2020 operating expenses. With the passage of the 2016 mill levy increase, the continued donations to Mountain Libraries Campaign, and the commitment of the Grand County Library Foundation, it will enable GCLD the ability of early termination of building debt .