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"Check Out the Music"

Cabin fever starting to set in? Had it as a New Year’s resolution to take up a musical instrument. Working in Grand County for a season and missing your instrument that didn’t fit into your packed car? Missing your karaoke nights with the girls? GCLD’s musical instrument collection might be able to support your needs.

In 2006 the Grand County Blues Society (GCBS) donated instruments, music CDs, and instructional DVDs to all 5 Grand County libraries, sparking a unique partnership and inspiring a program called, “Check Out the Music.” Through this FREE program, library patrons are able to check out guitars, keyboards, bass guitars, and drum pads- just as they would borrow any other library materials. (In 2007 GCBS was also honored by the Colorado Association of Libraries, receiving the “Library Partner of the Year” award, and other libraries across the nation have adopted the program for their own communities.)

Today, the “Check Out the Music” program has expanded and collection includes a variety of drums, additional types of electric guitars, and a karaoke machine. Musical scores, sheet music, instructional CDs and DVDs & DVD players are also available. Need a hot spot to watch your favorite YouTube instructor? These are also offered for check out.

Instruments are not able to be transferred from library to library but a wide variety of music, CDs, and DVDs is available from all GCLD libraries as well as our Marmot network.

To find out what is available,

  • click on “Catalog”
  • leave the Search bar on the left-hand side blank and click on “Go”
  • click on “Format” followed by “more”
  • Instruments are identified as “Physical Objects”.